Pro-Core Golf

The Game Changer

The revolutionary Pro-Core is a Micro Compression Damping Technology, designed to enhance a shafts “full potential”, whether fitted in new or old shafts, Pro-Core significantly & consistently improves performance for players across all clubs.

  • Reduced dispersion
  • Improved distance control
  • Increased ball speed
  • Improved launch conditions
  • Pro-Core self fit system
  • Conforms to R&A rules
  • Greater shaft stability and repeatability
  • Experience a solid feel and control
  • Variable spin control
  • Reduced vibration
  • Improved comfort
  • Conforms to USGA rules

Pro-Core fitted inside your golf shaft’s will generate improved shaft stability, your shots will feel more solid at impact, increasing repeatability & consistency in your shot profile.
With Pro-Core you will be in control like never before, allowing you to take your game to the next level achieving goals in your game you just didn’t think possible!
Pro-Core will improve all your clubs from putter to driver and everything in between! Truly a genuine “game changer”.

What people are saying about Pro-Core

I’ve used Pro-Core for years and I wouldn’t be without it when I’m playing on tour.

Liz Young

Ladies European Tour Golfer

I wouldn’t be without it

The strike becomes purer. Maximising your potential. I would most definitely prefer to have it in my clubs than not.

Roy Holland

Professional Golfer/Tour Operator

The strike becomes purer

I simply cannot see myself using anything else.

Tom Leech

County Level Amateur

Cannot see myself using anything else

Improves launch conditions and dispersion. Hit a straight shot wherever you aim it.

Martin Young

English MidAm Champion

Improves launch conditions and dispersion

Longer and less dispersion in irons or drivers, more putts holed with Pro-Core.

Harry Stassen

Founder – Golf Innovation

Longer and less dispersion

Something different. Something special. A genuine game changer.

Gary Nicol


A genuine game changer

Pro-Core Self Fit System

The Pro-Core self fit system is available to buy now as a complete kit. All you need to prepare the club and install Pro-Core is included. The kit is supplied with full instructions and we have instructional videos too.

Are you ready to play better golf?

The Inventor

David, a design engineer working in advanced industries such as Aerospace, Defence and Motorsport has developed a wealth of experience in this arena. David initially embarked on his own custom fit putter range with adjustable weights which gained high regard within the world’s golfing community. During this same period his astute engineering skill and eye for performance highlighted the vibration and dynamic issues in the golf shafts. To prove the science a collaboration was undertaken at Sheffield University with their Sports Engineering Research Group, ultimately resulting in the “Birth of Pro-Core”.

The Technology

Pro-Core is a micro damping technology designed to enhance all golf shafts to their full potential, this is achieved by applying damping properties and measured compression forces to the inner wall of a golf shaft at a predetermined compression point.

The Pro-Core weighs only 2 grams and has a special polymer formulated to provide extensive vibration damping properties when under compression in the shaft; and at only 2 grams has no negative impact on swing weight.

Pro-Core delivers the following fundamental physical changes to a golf shaft:

  • Reduction in vibration frequencies 30% Hz =improved sensory perception
  • Increase in ball contact time max 28% = increased feel and control
  • Greater kinetic energy transfer 18% = cleaner contact from reduced vibration
  • Improves shaft stability and repeatability = 13% less head displacement

Pro-Core “Self-Fit” system enables you to enhance your shafts & “Self-Adjust” the Pro-Core’s position in just 1-3 1mm increments to find the perfect “Sweet Spot”.

The Installation Process